30+ Point Checklist

General – All Areas of Home

Pick-up mail, newspapers and flyers from mailboxes and home exterior
Confirm doorbells are operating properly
Confirm that alarm is set and operating
Confirm all windows and doors are secure and undamaged
Check and adjust humidistats and thermostats
Check AC filters and change filters if necessary and supplied
Check electrical panel for tripped breakers and water intrusion
Check all areas for evidence of water intrusion, mold, mildew, rodents, pests, other animal intrusion and any unusual odors
Check ceilings and skylights for roof leaks
Visually check hot water heater for leaks and air handler pan for water
Confirm security system and smoke detectors are operating properly
Confirm ceiling fans/light fixtures, elevators, telephones are working properly.

Kitchen/Bath/Laundry Areas

Run short cycle on dishwasher and washing machine to prevent dry seals and to clear lines
Run kitchen and bathroom faucets, checking for leaks and keeping trap clean of stagnant water
Run garbage disposal units checking for leaks
Confirm refrigerator/freezer are operating properly and adjust temperature if needed
Run water through drinking water filters
Confirm all small appliances are unplugged
Flush and brush toilets, checking supply line and valves/running toilets
Confirm exhaust fans are operating properly
Inspect cabinets for signs of rodents and pests
Confirm perishables and garbage have been discarded


Confirm exterior lights and security lights are working properly
Monitor lawn and landscaping confirming plants and lawn are healthy and well maintained
Monitor irrigation system, confirming there are no obvious signs of system malfunction, leaks or standing water
Check exterior for hose leaks, damage, unusual odors and signs of pests and rodents
Inspect window and lanai screening for damage
Check pools and hot tubs for leaks, check water level and clarity, empty pool skimmers
Confirm that garage doors are operating properly
General visual inspection of exterior furnishings

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