Concierge Service

Personalized For You

We assist absentee homeowners by completing or coordinating specific tasks at your request. This goes beyond the basics of general home maintenance and is a popular add-on for most of our Home Watch Service clients. We partner with you to design a personalized package that best suits your needs.


At East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island we strive to:

  • design a customized approach to serve each client
  • keep each client informed of progress and completion in a timely manner
  • provide reliable service of the highest standard with attention to every detail


We work with you to design a personalized package that best suits your needs and optimizes your enjoyment and preservation of your home and possessions.

Ready to take the next step?

What We Offer

Providing access for home improvement contractors, or other service providers

Minor maintenance tasks such as light bulb, alarm battery, and toilet flapper replacements

Grocery and beverage shopping for you and your guests

Vehicle start-up (includes start/drive for fully registered/insured vehicles)
Providing options, scheduling and access for cleaning services
Home opening and closing preparation
Mail or package receipt and forwarding
Additional services available by request


“Ann’s personalized service and attention to detail is amazing. Also, when she states she is “on-call” 24 hours, it is the absolute truth.

– Cindy F.

I do not know another person who is as reliable, trustworthy  unflappable in any crisis, and offers more comprehensive services.”

– Alex B.

We have been more than thoroughly pleased and are delighted to forward our letter of recommendation for her continued business ventures.

– Joanna J.

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