Commonly Asked Questions

What is Home Watch?

Home Watch is the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues. A home watch professional helps absentee homeowners protect and preserve their home by identifying problems and preventing potential problems with visual inspections and consistent monitoring programs. Many things can happen to a home in the homeowner’s absence. Break-ins, water leaks, electrical problems, insects, vermin, mold, and storms. Preventive measures such as visual inspections and routine maintenance should prevent many of these situations from developing. Even if you have a trusted neighbor or friend nearby, having a home watch professional acting on your behalf is a much better option.

What is East Coast Home Watch?

East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island is a professional insured, bonded and accredited Home Watch company serving Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach. We check your property and identify problems or potential problems that can occur while your property is vacant. Our home watch service also provides added security in your home by creating the illusion of occupancy that is not available through a remote alarm monitoring service. We offer additional services to help protect and preserve your property such as concierge, key holder, 24/7 alarm responder, and storm services. Our extensive training and experience enable us to respond to all situations, both general and emergency, in the fastest most cost-effective way possible, while keeping you fully informed with state-of-the-art digital reporting. We are accredited by the National Home Watch Association and residents of Fernandina Beach. Our owner is a resident of Fernandina Beach. We are not just here to serve this great community, we are part of it!

Are You A House Sitting Service?

We are not a house sitting service. Our home watch service includes periodic visits to your home where we follow a mutually agreed upon checklist and may provide other services requested by you. Typically, we are in your home for less than an hour per home watch visit and take great pride in making sure your home is as you left it for your return.

My Alarm Company Provides Security For My Home. What Value Does Home Watch Add?

An alarm company monitors entry points into your home and fire alarms. They do not monitor potential problems that can occur due to broken pipes, mold, pests, vagrants or inclement weather. We identify those problems or monitor the potential for their occurrence and contact you to discuss and implement a course of action. In addition, home watch visits create the illusion of having a presence in your home which may further deter criminal activity. East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island also offers 24/7 alarm responder service. Our training and experience enable us to respond in the safest, most cost-effective way to any situation.

Are Your Services Expensive?

Our services are reasonably priced for the value we provide. When you consider all the things that can go wrong with an unoccupied home and compare the possible damage due to waters leaks, pests, vagrants and more with the cost of home watch, our services are an excellent value. We are bonded and insured while many home watch businesses are not. We are part of a national association of professional home watch businesses and local residents of this community. We will be happy to discuss our pricing for home watch services and any additional services you may require at a free consultation.

Are You A Property Inspector?

We are not property inspectors, nor do we perform the detailed inspection of your structure, plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems that property inspectors do. As home watch professionals, East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island visually checks your property for signs of obvious problems or potential problems. We work from a mutually agreed upon list developed from our 30Plus+Point Checklist and provide other services as requested.