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East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island acts as keyholders by maintaining a copy of keys and codes to your property when you are away. We grant  accompanied access, at your request, to vendors, contractors, cleaning and delivery companies. We are here when you can’t be, to keep things moving forward in a smooth, secure, productive manner in your home. The benefits of having a keyholder are limitless.

We know when it comes to home maintenance and home improvement…the show must go on! So when you are absent from your home, but have new or ongoing home improvement projects, we are here to provide accompanied access to your contractors. We report to you on access, progress, and completion, providing photos and other details at your request.

Ever have guests arrive at your home ahead of schedule when you’re not home? Or service companies who routinely clean your home when you’re away? At your request, we provide accompanied access to your home upon their arrival and can secure your property on their departure as well.

With East Coast Home Watch Keyholder Service, you’ll never have to call the locksmith again. As keyholders we are always available to provide assistance to you should you find yourself locked out of your home. And last, but not least, we are available 24/7 to respond to alarm, utility issue, and other unexpected events which may arise in your absence.

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What We Offer

Uninterrupted progress on home improvement projects
Safe storage of package and product delivery
24/7 access in lock-out situations
Accompanied access for contractors, cleaning and delivery companies
24/7 access for emergency response situation
Digital updates and photos


“Ann’s personalized service and attention to detail is amazing. Also, when she states she is “on-call” 24 hours, it is the absolute truth.

– Cindy F.

I do not know another person who is as reliable, trustworthy  unflappable in any crisis, and offers more comprehensive services.”

– Alex B.

We have been more than thoroughly pleased and are delighted to forward our letter of recommendation for her continued business ventures.

– Joanna J.

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