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Hope for the best – Plan for the worst

Each year Florida experiences the potential threat of tropical storms and hurricanes. This season can be the most enormously stressful time for homeowners in Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach. East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island is here to reduce your stress by partnering with you to formulate a realistic plan for preventing damage to your home and keeping you informed throughout a major storm or hurricane. 

We perform pre-storm inspections, storm preparation, and post-storm inspections. All inspections include real-time, digital reports with photographs documenting status and/or damages for insurance claim reporting.

Storm preparation is based on a customized storm plan, designed with you, to account for the special needs of your property and your expectations. Rest easy knowing that East Coast Home Watch of Amelia Island has secured your home and will keep you fully informed at every stage, from inspection and forecast to clean-up and repair.

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6 Point Storm Plan

Inspect – Plan – Prepare – Assess – Report – Remediate

Pre-Storm Inspection and Planning

Meet with you prior to storm season to determine the specific needs of your home and formulate a plan for storm preparation

Confirm all materials needed for storm preparation are on site and in good condition

Review plan with you and perform trial-run of pre-storm preparation items

Pre-Storm Preparation

Notify you of official storm forecast and initiation of pre-storm preparation plan

Install storm shutters to existing hardware or close existing shutters
Move outdoor furnishings, grills, plants and any loose items into your garage
Pick-up all debris from yard
Move outdoor furnishings, grills, plants and any loose items into your garage
Secure home and prepare pre-storm visual inspection report and photographs to document the status of home and record completion of storm preparation tasks

Pre-Storm Assessment and Reporting

Once clearance has been given by local authorities and it is safe to travel, we perform a quick-check to assess for water and wind damage, reporting to you immediately
Photograph property, particularly any damage, and coordinate inspections to be done by your insurance provider
Remove storm shutters and return outdoor furnishings to the original location

Remediation and Repairs

Assist you in hiring contractors from our extensive list of trades people

Act as keyholder and assist with coordination of cleaning and repair professionals


“Ann’s personalized service and attention to detail is amazing. Also, when she states she is “on-call” 24 hours, it is the absolute truth.

– Cindy F.

I do not know another person who is as reliable, trustworthy  unflappable in any crisis, and offers more comprehensive services.”

– Alex B.

We have been more than thoroughly pleased and are delighted to forward our letter of recommendation for her continued business ventures.

– Joanna J.

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